Get a lot better at guitar...
in the next month

Join a community of guitarists
making serious progress
with this 30-day challenge.

You've been playing for a little while, but you're stuck.
You see other people navigate the fretboard with ease.
But you're confined to the same tired scale shapes.
How do they do that?
It's simple, but it isn't easy.
You gotta show up to practice.
You gotta work on the right things.
The best way to do both of these?
Join a tribe where doing that is normal.

Kickstart 2021:
Build the habit of
effective practice

Building an effective practice habit is the most valuable thing you can do.
Recording yourself raises your standards & pushes you to do better.
Posting your playing online is terrifying—what if they judge me?—but the hard things are what transform you & dramatically accelerate your trajectory.

The Killer App

Have you seen Tom Quayle's new iOS app?
It's called Sølo, and it is genius.
This 60-second video will get you up to speed:

Brilliant, right?
It's the cornerstone of what we're doing here.

How Solo 30 Works

go 30 for 30

Every day for 30 days, you'll spend a few minutes with the Sølo app, then record yourself taking a short solo.

community accountability

We pair you with a daily accountability partner who forces gently nudges you to practice every single day.Plus you're part of a tribe of other guitarists on the same challenge as you.

endlessly scalable

From rank amateurs to face-melting pros, the Sølo app is adjustable to your (rapidly growing) skills.

Want a sneak peak?
Get the official Solo30 daily practice template in Notion:

what kind of gear do I need to join?

A guitar.
An iOS or Android device.
The Sølo app.
Maybe the iRealPro app.
(But you could also use the mp3s I send you.)

how much time does this take?

You're busy. We get that. You'll spend no more than 30 minutes total each day.

how much does this cost?

Pricing info here

Decision Time

You can rely on your old ways, practicing sporadically, spinning your wheels, wasting time trying to decide what to do next.Or, you can draw a line in the sand.You can decide that 2021 is the year you will finally get your ass in gear.Build the habit of practice, unlock the power of recording yourself, & form lifelong relationships with like-minded people.Most importantly, you'll finally understand the fretboard.

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Solo 30 is not affiliated with Tom Quayle or the Sølo app. We're just big fans.